Sunday, October 18, 1998

Looking back on market past

Butcher recalls secrets of old

Q: Did they age meat in the early 1900s?

A: Oh no. Never knew about aging. Never had the good facilities to age meat. They would sell meat by the pound in those days. It wasn’t one steak or two steaks. People just bought their meat in chunks. We would lay it on the block and cut it up, starting at the neck. If you came in and bought 20 pounds and we had just started, you get 5 cents a pound of the neck. If you came in later and we were at the rump, you’d get 5 cents a pound of the rump. It was just meat. . . . Everybody just roasted chunks of meat or made stew.

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Sunday, October 11, 1998

Freitas recalls family’s trek to Solano County

Former butcher Edward “Bud” Ralph Freitas has his roots in Portugal. Both his grandfathers came to America from the Azores. His paternal grandfather, John Lewis Freitas arrived in the 1870s and is written up in Solano County history.

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Sunday, October 04, 1998

Local ventures change hands as 1871 begins

A storm in February 1871 covered the hills with snow for a day.
The flagstaff in front of Wilson’s stable in Suisun City, which had been standing for more than a dozen years, was knocked down in a severe gust during the storm.

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