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Sunday, March 09, 1997

Elmira was center of activity, trade

Kristin Delaplane

As Vacaville was bustling, tiny Elmira also was a bustling center because it was on the line for the Central Pacific Railroad. Several business and services operated in this place.
Willis Jepson was the reporter for the Star Hall. S.M. Meeker was the local physician and surgeon. William Cadman, the local blacksmith.

E.A. Cripps was the competing blacksmith and also a wagonmaker. F.B. Chandler was a dealer in lumber. S.F. Shaw ran a boot and shoemaking business. S.C. Creighton was the local teacher.

B. Kiley kept a saloon. J. Allison & Co. dealt in general merchandise. W. Sheeline was the postmaster and the post office was located in J. Allison’s general store. Allison was the founder of the land that was to become the famed Nut Tree.

Mrs. K. Daly, milliner and dressmaker. J.H. Bartlett was the notary, Justice of Peace and an insurance agent.

The Stock Breeders Association was located in Elmira. The Hubert House (Hotel) was operated by Mrs. S.E. Hubert. S.R. George ran a hotel and restaurant. W.J. Reynolds was the local saloon man.

The three churches in town - Methodist, Catholic and Christian - all boasted edifices.