Sunday, August 28, 1983

Recalling Names from Another Era

The way of life changes; our technology, our economy and manner of living all effect our language. In grandfathers’ days no one ever heard of “tuberculosis; ” it was called “consumption.” When you rode a bicycle, it was always a “wheel.”

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Sunday, August 21, 1983

The Many Firsts in Napa County

In 1926 two able historians, Marguerite Hunt and Harry L. Gunn, co-authored the “History of Solano and Napa Counties” in two volumes. It is an excellent source of information about the early days and the biographies of pioneers.

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Sunday, August 07, 1983

Atlas provides glimpse of local life in 1870’s

It is always interesting to pick up an ancient document that contains maps and descriptions of our county as our fore-fathers saw it.

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